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International Polymer Solutions
  • DI Water Valve

    iPolymer DI Water Valves are perfect 2-Way valves for wet bench manufactures or any semiconductor facility where ultra pure water is required to flow in a control passage.  The DI Water Valve wetted flow path is free of lubricants, elastomers, and springs.  Construction include three options for the Body, Piston and Cap Assembly: PVC, Polypropylene or PVDF. For the highest level of chemical inertness and overall fluid handling performance all three configurations include 100% Virgin PTFE for the Bellows and Backing Plate construction. O-Ring Seal options include EPDM or Viton (optional Kalrez). All DI Valve come standard with high performance Stainless Steel actuation springs. This valve replaces the older BECO Multi Purpose Valve.

  • Water Valve

    Water Valves


    iPolymer Water Valve (WV) is manufactured in three material choices: PVC, Polypropylene, or PVDF. The valve has a spring return and is pneumatically actuated to open or close depending upon the model. The valve is compact and comes with four tapped holes on the base for ease of mounting.  This valve replaces the older TEQCOM H2O Valve family.  Contact iPolymer Customer Service for assistance.

  • Multi Purpose Valve

    Our older BECO Multi Purpose Valve (MP) product line has been merged with our new iPolymer DI Water Valve (DI) product line.

    Please refer to our DI Water Valve product line to find the equivalent valve.

    Call or email iPolymer Customer Service for support.

  • H2O - Pneumatic & Foot Operated Valves

    Our older TEQCOM H2O Valve product line has been converted over to our new iPolymer Water Valve product line.

    Please refer to the iPolymer Water Valve product line for 2-Way Water Valves manufactured from Polypro and PVDF.

    Call or email iPolmyer Customer Service for support.