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International Polymer Solutions
  • PTFE Aspirators

    The iPolymer PTFE Air & Liquid Aspirators are manufactured from virgin PTFE (PTFE - E.I. Dupont) and are designed for efficient and rapid siphoning of hard to handle chemicals.  Our iPolymer Air Aspirator uses clean dry shop air (CDA) or Nitrogen to initiate and sustain a natural or forced siphon. Applications include the draining and mixing of containment vessels and the removal of saturated waste chemistry. Air Aspirators are also used where recovery recirculation is desired in process chemistries.  Our iPolymer Liquid Aspirators use common city water or DI Water to aspirate and dilute harsh chemical baths. One common application is the dilution siphoning of Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) used for chemical cleaning and etching.  Air & Liquid Aspirators are sold as standalone siphoning bodies or as Aspirator Kits. Kits include 8 feet of PTFE Tubing and Compression Fittings. Our CHK Kit includes a special PTFE check valve mounted on the siphon port to prevent possible back flow.  Essentially, an iPolymer Aspirator is a low cost 100% PTFE Venturi vacuum pump.