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  • PTFE Stopcocks

    Stopcock Valves are precision machined devices that function in much the same way as a ball valve. When the handle points in the direction of flow, the valve is fully open; when the handle points perpendicular to the direction of flow, the valve is fully closed; and at the 45 Degree position the valve is halfway open and thereby has a metering effect on the media flow.  The iPolymer Stopcock features an all PTFE wetted surface design. The design is ideally suited for harsh chemical and corrosive media and environments. Poly - tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known by its popular E.I. DuPont trade name PTFE®, is also well suited to clean room and deionized water applications.  The body, stem and ports are constructed from PTFE. For standard applications, external non wetted components are constructed from Polypropylene. All configurations are optionally available as Panel Mounted and/or High Ambient Temperature models.