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International Polymer Solutions
  • DI Spray/Rinsing Gun

    Our iPolymer Spray Guns are constructed of virgin PTFE and Polypropylene to provide them with a long life span in harsh acidic or corrosive environments. Due to their design and comfortable grip Spray Guns are quickly becoming the industry standard in semiconductor fab plants, wet benches and work processing stations. All the Spray Guns may be purchased individually or with a variety of fittings and hoses.

  • Nitrogen/Drying Gun

    Our iPolymer PTFE Nitrogen Guns (Nitro) can deliver maximum anti-corrosion protection wherever extreme chemical environments are used in the vicinity of nitrogen dispensing or dying. Like its companion, the DI Water Spray, Nitro is manufactured of the same durable materials to resist acid attacks.

  • Recirculating Spray Gun

    The iPolymer Recirculating Spray Guns all have molded PTFE bodies with PVDF pistons. These RC Guns are designed so that there is very little dead space for bacteria to grow. DI water is able to circulate up to the sealing seat throughout the entire gun and piston. From the sealing seat on, bacteria build up is kept to a minimum by using a 1/16” thick spray nozzle.

  • Liquid Dispensing Gun

    Both of the iPolymer Dispense Guns, standard or high flow, are designed with the spring totally isolated from the media, thus making them the perfect choice for dispensing acids and solvents. The longer nozzle on the dispense guns allows for them to be inserted into a container thus minimizing splashing.

  • Eye Wash Spray Gun 1

    iPolymer PTFE Eye Wash assemblies is designed to provide emergency eye/facial rinse. When activated a soft flow of aerated water is released. The non-metallic aerator converts harsh city water into a bubbly smooth stream while the PTFE body remains inert to its potentially hostile chemical environment.