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5/8" OD - 1/2" ID - PFA Tubing
Unit of Measure


Outer Diameter

N/A 5/8 in

Outer Diameter Tolerance

N/A ±.010 in

Inner Diameter

N/A 1/2 in

Inner Diameter Tolerance

N/A ±.010 in

Temperature Rating

N/A -180/240 ºC-292/464 ºF

Wall Thickness

N/A .062 in

Wall Tolerance

N/A ±.006 in

Tensile Strength @ 20 ºC

N/A 4000 psi

Tensile Strength @ 240 ºC

N/A 900 psi

Derate Factor

N/A 14.09 psi/ºC

Tubing Characteristics

N/A Perfluoroalkoxy - PFA Tubing
  • Thermoplastic which is virtually non-porous
  • Tolerates tight bends (shape with hot air heat gun)
  • Translucent with a Bluish Tint
  • Accommodates extreme temperature ranges
  • Similar to PTFE and more formable into shapes
  • Can be welded and sealed by melting


N/A Pressure Ratings To estimate the allowable pressure rating please use the following formula: OP = W*T/I Where: OP = Operating Pressure (psi) W = Wall Thickness (inch) T = Tensile Strength (psi) I = Inside Diameter (inch) We process tubing orders in discrete increments of 5 ft lengths.